Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I saw the 6th Harry Potter movie a few days I go, and I thought it couldn't get any bigger than that as far as children's movie goes. And that's the thing, I keep forgetting it's supposed to be a children's movie with all the wicked curses, way-to-creepy characters, treachery and even death that's going on in the film. But all in all it was a fun movie experience. Hehehe.. That's another thing about this franchise, it's dark when it has to be, and it's fun when it has to be. They are, after all, teenagers.. and it is, in fact, a children's movie! (I can't stress that enough.)

But what's different about this movie for me is that I came into the theater not knowing what to expect. I haven't read the book unlike before. (I hear gasps from my fellow HP nerdies.. Hehe.) Why? Oh, because of one famous comedian, Jay Leno. See, almost all of my friends has read the 6th book and I was next in line. (SPOILER ALERT) Then one unsuspecting night, I was watching the Tonight show and Leno was doing a sketch where he's interviewing some bikers. He asked, "So, have you finished reading Harry Potter? Did you cry when Dumbledore died?" The biker was clueless, and I was shocked. SHOCKED! My heart sank to my stomach and I hated Leno ever since. Ok, that's not true, I'm just being melodramatic. I still watched Leno after that, but the experience did spoil it for me so I didn't read the book.

I don't regret my decision though, because at least now I get to be on the other side of the fence. And what a relaxed experience that was. I wasn't anxious to see how the filmmakers will execute the movie (Oh, will they get it right, will they get it right?), and I was unaware if they deleted some scenes from the book. I was just a simple movie goer with coke and popcorn in my hands, eagerly waiting to be entertained by the movie I was about to see. But however relaxing that was, I did miss the jolt of excitement I get when they did get it right, and when I see the things I imagined come to life. Oh well, maybe on the next movie. But right now, I have to read the book!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie Poster
This is a statement poster. I guess this is what the designers were thinking when they decided to crop the title: "Everyone knows Harry Potter. Why waste all that space for the movie name when we can have more Daniel Radcliffe goodness?" :D

And because I found the posters to be quite good, I made them into pinback buttons!
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Pinback Buttons Complete Set
Ok, that was quite a long post based on my personal standards. I know a lot of bloggers can blog all day long but I'm not one of them. But I guess this makes up for my few days absence. Hehe.. 'Till next time!

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