Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hello Blogging World!

Since blogging has become such a pop-culture staple, I thought I'd take a ride on the bandwagon and start a blog myself. Plus, it sounds like a fun thing to do!

To celebrate my first ever post, let me show you my first ever sale at Etsy, the Agyness Halter Dress.

Chiffon Agyness Halter Summer Dress

This dress was inspired by none other than, you guessed it, Agyness Deyn! The photo below was from Vogue's February '09 issue. I love her hair, her lip color and specially that Dior circle-print halter dress. But of course, it's not a total knock-off. I'm not studying fashion design to do that! I opted for a neckband, a smocking detail on the back (to fit any waist size) and bright blue-and-orange tie-dyed chiffon fabric to give the dress a summer feel to it. And it is just that, a really great summer dress! This is a part of my summer collection which is available in my little Etsy shop at

Agyness Deyn Vouge February 09 Cover


  1. What a great dress!! Welcome to blog land! Warning: you will get addicted.

  2. I love all things Vogue! Gorgeous dress!
    Welcome to the blogging world!